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We're So Close To Black Mirror Season 6...

Let's get into it.

The other day I was like, hmmm season 6 is coming out on June 15th, it's about time to gather up some content.

Then I remembered the poster that came out on Twitter with the scribbled-out episode names to the far left sitting on top of the VHS tape. After decoding the titles through the lines, the release order is different than how they were emitted in the episode/teaser/official trailer, but whatever.

image source via Netflix

**Below I've included each episode description according to Netflix.

Here's my Black Mirror season 6 episode order and what I THINK is about to go down:


1. Beyond The Sea

image source via Netflix


Aaron Paul, Josh Hartnett, Kate Mara, Auden Thornton, and Rory Culkin

It's interesting because when the teaser trailer was released, I made a post on my Twitter account that I bet you that the Aaron Paul episode is an absolute easter egg to season 4.

And fast forward to the newest Black Mirror trailer, he's chillin' in zero gravity with Josh Hartnett and seems to be dazed out most of the time after two years of being on a mission. Hartnett's character seems to be a dangerous asset of all things around probably because I'm sure paying attention plays a huge part in staying alive LOL.

So far, it seems that Aaron Paul is left to be the savior in this situation otherwise they're fucked.

image source via Netflix

Sir Aaron Parl suggests Hartnett goes on a break given it's been some time and he's transported into the past with family it looks like. It's going to be interesting to see if there will be consequences to this decision.

image source via Netflix

There is one scene where it looks like Aaron Paul is back in the same world Hartnett "vacationed" to because he looks down onto his normal-ass clothing arm all confused as if he's not supposed to be there maybe? LOL.

image source via Netflix

I do know they use this very tech-forward watch that teleports them on this said "vacation" I can't wait to learn more about it.

image source via Netflix

Plus let's not forget Rory Culkin in this episode where it looks like he's out of it pulling a weapon from his pocket and then plopping a prosthetic robot arm on a table for some reason...

Kate Mara plays Aaron Paul's Girlfriend? Wife? Long lost lover? Hm.

Either way, Kate looked intrigued when she was standing in front of a piece of innovative tech, so I like her.

Meanwhile, according to Netflix 2018, let's gun it back to Netflix 2018 of them figuring out what game Gamer691 was really playing... LOL


2. Loch Henry

image source via Netflix


Myha’la Herrold, Samuel Blenkin, Monica Dolan, Daniel Portman, and John Hannah

Fun fact:

Monica Dolan played the cop in the Smithereans episode during season 5.

image source via Netflix

In my previous Black Mirror article, I mentioned last year how there was a film sighting in The Inveraray's Main Street in Inverary, Scotland. This episode absolutely confirms all of that information from my article.

Given the name "Loch Henry" and the point this episode is set in Scotland, it does make me think of the word "Loch" in general which is another word for lakes in Scotland. So the fact that these characters are making a "genteel nature documentary" maybe there's some sighting of a Lochness Monster? Mostly because that is a dedicated venture if you think about it so maybe that reference will be played out.

*I hope*

Because to me that seems exaggerated enough. I don't know.

image source via Netflix

In the trailer, there's mention of some guy abducting people.

Just like that.

Meanwhile, the scene pans out where it looks like bodies are being carried in a black body bag. The two characters seem to obsess over this news and probably want to check it all out for themselves over in Scotland.

So they can continue on the path to creating their own little documentary.

image source via Netflix

Given the news they're watching as they load in a VHS tape titled "ITN News", there was another clip of a Politician. I have a feeling these are linked together in the episode during the research process.

Looking more closely I couldn't help but notice what looks like the same symbol used from the White Bear, White Christmas, and interactive Bandersnatch episode, which allows your mind to be controlled.

image source via Netflix

Also, I wonder what this guy is laughing so intensely about??

image source via Netflix

Either way, it's giving 90's North–let's roam in nature and get into some trouble kinda energy.



3. Joan Is Awful

image source via Netflix


Annie Murphy, Salma Hayek, Michael Cera, Himesh Patel, Rob Delaney, and Ben Barnes

The episode with Salma Hayek. Need I say more? LMAO. I don't know. I'm hyped though.

From the trailer, the episode starts off with a streaming platform called Streamberry, which gives off a heavy Netflix aesthetic. What I gather is that it seems to be everything Joan is doing in real life is an adaptation for our viewing pleasure played by the very famous Salma Hayak as Joan herself after it's already been lived.

Joan starts going crazy because her life is exposed for all of us to view on Streamberry? LOL. Imagine your life playing out for everyone to judge including relationships.

image source via Netflix

With how driven we are by reality tv these days, it makes sense. Yet, without your knowledge? A whole other level of crazy.

The image with the drawn dick on her forehead is telling me, yes, that is correct.

image source via Netflix

For some reason it makes me think about the Nosedive episode from season 3 as it dealt with social status during the rise of social media. That episode alone was insanely relatable.

Maybe Joan Is Awful will be too.

BTW, who's Mac?

Also, the other day there was a post on Reddit that shows a Joan Is Awful promo poster spotted on the streets of LA? It has the title Streamberry on it with an image of a girl that has the same blonde highlights as Joan, but neither Salma Hayak nor Annie Murphy looks like her.

image source via Reddit

Very interested to see how this all ties in.

A few last things I wanna share about Joan Is Awful, did you catch the easter eggs from the Streamberry streaming channel clip?

First off, Streamberry is a real genre choice on our Netflix that showcases a range of different sci-fi and technology-forward content.

image source via personal Netflix

Plus, if you look closer at Streamberry from the Joan Is Awful scene from the trailer, there's content titled certain things from previous episodes.

image source via Netflix

Rowdy and Peanut is a movie that features the characters from The Cat Burglar. It's one of those interactive films Charlie Brooker created during the pandemic when at the time we were all screaming for a new Black Mirror season LOL.

image source via Netflix

The Callow Years is a documentary about Michael Callow, ya know, the Prime Minister that had to fuck the pig? Season 1 episode 1 for the OG's of course. If you could get through that episode, you could get through anything.

Trust me.

Then in this tiny section below, there are three extra pieces of content:

image source via Netflix

Victoria Skillane documentary is the main source of White Bear season 1 episode 3, as she's with her boyfriend who happened to kill and record their own child being murdered. OOP.

Bothergots is a show that you could access and watch in the Fifteen Million Merits episode during season 1 episode 2.

image source via Netflix

The Ashley O' Show is taken from that episode in season 5 with Miley Cirus.

Junipero Dreaming is an absolute reference to the San Junipero season 3 episode 4, which is a very popular episode by far.


4. Mazey Day

image source via Netflix


Zazie Beetz, Clara Rugaard, and Danny Ramirez

Word around town is the character of Danny Ramirez mentions there's a famous actress that recently got kicked off a movie set, but there is a proposition to make some money.

Apparently, we're about to go down the rabbit hole where paparazzi will do anything to take a rare photo of a celebrity for money. Key phrase: Will do anything.

Or is it the other way around where the celebrity will do everything to not have their picture taken?

BTW Is that Zazie, the photographer, holding a gun?

image source via Netflix


Either way, it looks like at the same time someone is going to die, and another or no one will be getting paid. But watch out, because even if they have to log into their CPU using a dial-up connection to get it, they will.

I mean, we can take it back to 1979 when dial-up internet was invented if we have to. However, the fact that we don't have that shit anymore because broadband started swooping in during the early 2000s, lays it out pretty simply.

So the timeline of this episode is giving nothing beyond the year 2010.


5. Demon 79'

image source via Netflix


Anjana Vasan, Paapa Essiedu, Katherine Rose Morley, and David Shields

This episode stands out as "the creepy one" to me. From the trailer, there is some kind of interrogation of the main character played by Anjana Vasan is dressed in orange.

Then there's a part where Paapa Essiedu's fabulous character in the fur coat snaps his fingertips, Anjana's eyes look like she has the Grain installed in her eyes. Just like the Entire History of You episode from season 1, which is a device that is used in your eyes to record and play back memories.

image source via Netflix

ESPECIALLY when the fabulous Paapa Essiedu and his character out here saying shit like this lol.

image source via Netflix

It's too early to tell what it could be used for in this instance, however, if she's being interrogated that's usually for doing something wrong vs right.

So ya, not just memories already lived, but possibly predictions of the future to see what COULD happen if she keeps running around wanting to hurt people all the time.

There's even mention of murder as she's pulling out a weapon while serving creepy n crazy stares behind doors, I mean–

image source via Netflix

1. She runs someone's car into a tree during a chase

2. She chokes some man in a shoe shop after he asks for her number

3. She even grabs another woman by the neck and smashes her into a glass counter


While her friend prances around, I can't tell if he's real or imaginary. Besides that, he gives off energy that allows him to be the voice of reason as he tells her she's not crazy after downing a mouthful of pills.

image source via Netflix

Plus, there are flames, lots of flames.

image source via Netflix

How about pushing someone into a body of water while wearing a trench coat with a dog audience attached?

image source via Netflix

Like, she doesn't stop LOL.

Meanwhile, I'm wondering what this symbol means that she's holding in her hand. Could it be another easter egg symbol of a mind being controlled? I don't know. However, it's something to look out for.

image source via Netflix

Last thing, Red Mirror... fake Production Company perhaps?

This is going to get weird. I'm so ready.

See you on June 15th.

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