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My name is Esha Todd

My work experiences range from operating at some of the most significant international tech/gaming events to traveling and writing about my passions.

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A storyteller freshly living in England from the San Francisco Bay Area. She's a decisive boss, who shows technical and creative writing skills to engage digitally and in-person. With experience in event management, branding, virtual reality, video games, and sports media, there isn't a challenge too big.

Well-organized with multitasking and prioritization skills that optimize limited resources to achieve outstanding results in public relations, staff development, event staging, and targeted marketing.

She remains a seeker that eludes confidence and forges teamwork synergy while leading communities across diverse ethnicities.

Digital Marketing Executive

MPH Group

Mar 2022 – Aug 2022

Hungerford, England

Manage and update the company website, and create creative content for social media/press releases, and campaigns. Consistent engagement with community vendors, and design company newsletter. Report and analyze performance using platform data. Help organize in-person and virtual events, market for 3rd party vendors, and remain base support for the Head of Marketing.

Content Strategist

1581357206872 (1).png

Sugar Gamers

Oct 2020 – Mar 2022

Oakland, California

Provide strategic leadership and direction in driving the success of multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on a daily basis to engage a client base of professionals and a community nationwide. Optimize performance in sustainable brand awareness around diversity and inclusion. Develop and publish articles, including interviews and panels with notable personalities within the technology and gaming industries.

Lead Event & Community Coordinator


Galvanize Inc.

Nov 2019 – Apr 2021

San Francisco, California

Organized and manage comprehensive community management and event coordination plan for creation, maintenance, and promotions using social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Regulate and oversee the success of marketing efforts with clients for

in-person events such as workshops, panels, and networking receptions to increase company-wide brand exposure, focusing on efficiency and workflow management. Lead in the development of new content distribution channels.


MMA Writer/Content Creator/EshaKnowsMMA


Middle Easy

Dec 2017 – Dec 2019


Established a website for writing and uploading MMA writing articles and managing events for Middle Easy highlighting the sport of MMA and various fight breakdowns including some interviews with UFC legends Amanda Nuñes, Anderson Silva, Jorge Masvidal, ONE Championship CEO Chatri Sityodtong, and Vice President Miesha Tate. Managed a YouTube channel with more than 21,000 subscribers. Hosted the official Middle Easy meet-ups with fight fans and professional MMA Fighters in each fight event.

Oculus Lead VR Specialist (ODST)



Aug 2016 – Jan 2019

Menlo Park, CA - Worldwide

Managed and trained teams around the world on Facebook's new Oculus hardware and content, including Virtual Reality, Oculus Touch Controllers, custom-built controllers for VR, and related accessories. Demonstrated use of hardware at corporate events and training sessions with clients, supervising the installation of technology in some events like:

  • E3

  • PAX East/South/West

  • CES

  • GDC

  • Sundance
    Worked with clients such as:

  • Pixar

  • Google

  • Sony,

  • Microsoft

  • Epic Games.

  • Samsung,
    and more administering inventory counts, managing post-event breakdown, and clean-ups.

Event Success Coordinator


General Assembly 

Feb 2015 – Sep 2016

San Francisco, California

Collaborated with staff, vendors, and guests to ensure successful event staging that meets client needs. Facilitated all event planning and staging, organizing catered food and drink menus for each event, including post-event clean-up.

  • 2014 Samsung Developers Conference

   MakerBot / San Francisco, CA

  • 2014 Cisco Live!

   Samsung / San Francisco, CA

  • 2015 CES

   MakerBot / Las Vegas, NV

  • 2016 Oracle

   BA / San Francisco, CA

  • 2016 New West Summit 2.0

   BA / San Francisco, CA

  • 2016 Marketing Nation Summit

   Facebook / San Francisco, CA

  • 2016 Game Developers Conference

   Oculus / San Francisco, CA

         BA / San Francisco, CA

         Google / Mountain View, CA

  • 2017 Grace Hopper

         Oculus / Atlanta, GA

         Oculus / Redmond, WA

         Oculus / San Francisco, CA

         Oculus / Oakland, CA

         Oculus / San Francisco, CA

        Oculus / San Jose, CA

  • 2017 Gaymer East (GXEast)

         Oculus / New York, NY

  • 2017 @Scale Conference

         Oculus/ San Jose, CA

  • 2017 Facebook Holiday

         Oculus / New York, NY

  • 2017 Oculus Connect 4

         Oculus / San Jose, CA

  • 2017 Game Developers Conference

         Oculus / San Francisco, CA

  • 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Summit

         Oculus / Hyderabad, India

  • 2018 E3 Expo

         Oculus / Los Angeles, CA

  • 2018 PAX East

         Oculus / Boston, MA

  • 2018 IEEE Haptics Symposium

         Oculus / San Francisco, CA

  • 2018 Game Developers Conference

         Oculus / San Francisco, CA

  • 2018 Oculus Connect 5

         Oculus / San Jose, CA

  • 2018 @Scale Conference

         Oculus / San Jose, CA

  • 2018 Caltopia

         Oculus / Berkeley, CA

  • 2018 Global Media Summit (GMS)

         Oculus / San Francisco, CA

  • 2018 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-AM

        Facebook / Pebble Beach, CA

  • 2018 Google Products Expert Summit

         Google / San Francisco, CA

  • 2018 Google Next

         Google / Mountain View, CA

  • 2018 Connect Central

         Ring Central / San Francisco, CA

  • 2018 TwitchCon

         Epic Games / San Jose, CA

  • 2018 Bellator MMA: Bader vs King Mo

        MMA Today / San Jose, CA

  • 2018 Bellator 200: Carvalho vs Mousasi

         MMA Today / London, UK

  • 2018 Bellator MMA: Mousasi vs MacDonald

         MMA Today / San Jose, CA

  • 2018 Sundance Film Festival

         Oculus / Park City, Utah

  • 2019 Oculus EU Press

         Oculus / London, UK

  • 2019 PAX East

         Oculus / Boston, MA

  • 2019 PAX West

         Oculus / Seattle, WA

  • 2019 PAX South

         Oculus / San Antonio, TX

  • 2019 Maker Faire

         Oculus / San Mateo, CA

  • 2019 Facebook Developers Conference

         Oculus / San Jose, CA

  • 2019 Oculus Connect 6

         Oculus / San Jose, CA

  • 2019 @Scale Conference

         Oculus / San Jose, CA

  • 2019 E3 Expo

         Facebook / Los Angeles, CA

  • 2019 VM World

        BA / San Francisco, CA

  • 2019 UFC 234

         Middle Easy / Melbourne, Australia

  • 2019 UFC 239

         Middle Easy  / Las Vegas, NV

  • 2019 UFC 241

        Middle Easy / Anaheim CA

  • 2019 ONE Championship

         Middle Easy / Singapore

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  • Fightposium: When Combat Sports, Geek Culture, and Illustration Collide In The Name of Love

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  • Replika. The Ideal AI Companion That Incites Curiosity Towards Digital Immortality

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  • Accountability. A Lesson To Be Learned Through Video Games

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Video Games & Technology
  • Interview with Cosmo Alexandre from ONE Championship

         Middle Easy

  • We had a little chat with “SUPER”
    Sage Northcutt

         Middle Easy


  • Media Scrum with Garry Tonon during ONE: Enter The Dragon

         Middle Easy

  • Quick Chat With Cosmo Alexandre Who Defeated Sage Northcutt In 29 Seconds

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