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Black Mirror Season 6: What I Know




First of all, when I tell you there's been a significant amount of time typing in "Black Mirror" and "Charlie Brooker" then clicking on the news tab in Google.. for yeaaaaars (like 4 or whatever). The owners of Black Mirror still might be Banijay Group, who purchased the rights in 2020. They were first held by Endemol Shine Group, the former production company that Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones left. Since then Netflix has invested in their new venture, Broke and Bones. So as it stands now, Brooker and Jones have to have some exclusive rights to still work on the latest season.

It's funny because as the world was falling apart and Brooker took a break from making Black Mirror episodes he pumped out two comedy specials and two cartoon animations that were interactive like Bandersnatch on Netflix.

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