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REVIEW: Black Mirror's The Entire History Of You Redefines Serial Monogamy At A Cost

Is there such a thing as knowing too much truth to the point where you're being tortured by memories of the past? Sure, we humans can handle all words, but filling in the gaps of uncertainty to the point of paranoia?... I mean, I guess.

We say that now until the situation arises, however for Black Mirror's Liam Foxwell played by the sexy and very talented Toby Kebbell, it was clear which side he chose.


Now just for a second, imagine living in a world where your life was run by a piece of technology implanted with a dose of local anesthetic into a slot behind your ear that records everything you see. The grain, manufactured by the company Willow Grain, is accepted by societal standards. Only the size of a literal grain of rice, this device was used for many things that could drive one mad. You're stepping in as a litigation lawyer trying to make it through your appraisals for a better job and in the back of your mind, you are thinking about your wife cheating because you have jealous tendencies.

Why is this a big situation?

Ok, let me break this down real quick.

The grain as we learned is a device used to record your visual memories of life and stories them into a digital hard drive. To use this, it's paired with a remote device called the "pebble." Having familiar swiping features as we use on a smartphone and/or trackpad, you can access past visions which is basically a memory box of everything.

One of the biggest features, besides zooming into the videos and replaying them through your contacts or an external