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All About Me

a short story

England’s Esha Knows is a shining beacon in the creative landscape. Not only a prolific and talented writer, covering topics ranging from MMA, Tech and her own travels, Esha also has that same energy and passion for other creative avenues. Esha Knows close to everything and continues to chase her endeavours on her own terms. “I’ve never been one to stay in one lane, ever,” Esha explains, “I’m always interested in being different, natural and me.” It’s this versatility that draws more people to Esha’s writing and art and as we hit the midpoint of 2022, she’s just getting started. Between a new article series, artist collabs, the beginnings of a new book & more Esha Knows has a lot of new work in the pipeline. 











From the beginning, Esha has had a blistering passion and love for creating across all kinds of mediums. At a young age, Esha was writing everything from short stories to poetry in notebooks, diaries and journals she carries with her to this day. “That was a way of me expressing myself and going through life,” she says, “they were my friends.” This evolved into the creative taking her first step into creative writing IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. On the other side, Esha came up on cartoons & video games, pushing her to start drawing & venturing out to other forms of expression, “Writing gets me through and then there’s art.” she explains. Fast forward to now she’s painting, sculpting, making resin art, the list is endless and she’s made it clear this is just the beginning of her journey and where she wants to go.








Here we are in 2022 and Esha Knows is continuing to create content, write about her adventures while simultaneously making her own art that will stand the test of time. Take your pick, she’s has credits in MMA Today and Middle Easy, she’s done content strategy for brands in the gaming community like Sugar Gamers, done VR work with META working hands on with brands like Pixar, Google, Sony, Microsoft and more, if you need it Esha can do it. Her writing and travels have taken her all over Netherlands, China, Singapore, India, the UK, United States, Australia, her impact can be felt worldwide. Despite all of this prolific talent and output, Esha Knows is still focused on the people and how best to connect with her audience as a whole. “I love inspiring people,” Esha explains, “It’s my everything…I love the placement of being the transparent one, so not everyone has to.” Now as we head deeper into 2022, Esha is revamping her Website, creating more digital art for her #CRAFTSHIT brand and working on a memoir of her life. Keep your eyes and ears perked as we watch one of the most prolific writers and artists of our time work. 

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