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Esha Knows

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Creative Writer & Freelance Artist

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“If you don't show it, it can be erased, as if it never happened."

-Michaela Coel

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From California to England, Esha's mission is to tell stories—how her mind works, how she makes stories out of things around her. She's unique, as the world is broad.


Esha has skills in writing, creativity, and artistry. Her knowledge is vast like a library—but her curiosity runs wild like an expansive imagination. She's as passionate as the ocean is expansive.


Follow along as she takes you into a digital labyrinth of creative writing and 3am thoughts—to inspire us to think differently.

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i #craftshit

All great visual artists have a creative outlet. Mine happens to be casting resin art, working with procreate for digital illustration, and a range of different custom art. No idea is too big.


To stay up to date with all my #CRAFTSHIT projects make sure to check out my official artist page. There you'll find my creative portfolio of work, inspiration, and more.

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black mirror series

Find Articles on Episode Reviews and Original Fanart by Me (a crazed obsessive)

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