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When I woke up the day of the weigh-ins I just had a feeling that shenanigans were going to ensue.

The time I arrived the day before to the open workouts I knew I had to get there a bit early the day after. I thought three hours would do the trick and I would get in right away...

I got a pretty good spot in line and realized I was standing right behind a massive group of McGregor fans who flew straight in from Ireland. What I can really say is that they know how to entertain. Right behind me was a small group of guys that were #TeamDiaz so of course, we were all chopping it up waiting to get into the building.

it was sooooooo hot outside I really thought I was going to pass out.

Kind of unreal...

Once we got inside the building it was EVERYTHING at the MGM Grand Marquee Ballroom. That was the first time I have ever been actually so it was a grand experience. They had bathrooms, drinks, merch, aaaaall of it.

Before the weigh-ins for UFC 202 the UFC hosted the pre-fight conference for UFC 204, in which Michael "The Count" Bisping will defend his title belt against Dan Henderson on October 8th as the main event.

Honestly, the audience that was sitting on the far left side during the conference happened to be a really big group of McGregor fans. Even though Conor wasn't even out on stage, they weren't shy about spreading their cheer and singing songs either way. Bisping got booed during most of the conference and he even got to a point where he became so frustrated he told them to "shut the fuck up". Hahaha to me that phrase has been notorious with fighters.


I was so excited about this moment. Out came Joe Rogan and Dana White. No big deal just me nerding out. It was cool! The roar from the audience was even better!!

THEN ALL OF THE SUDDEN I see everyone start standing on their chairs and getting their camera phones out while cheering. I couldn't see A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. I asked someone right next to me and they said it was a Diaz. At that time I thought it was Nate just walked through getting to wherever he needed to go because I know Nick wasn't allowed at the weigh-ins.

SURE ENOUGH, it was Nick Diaz and he got taken out and banned again. MY PROPS.

But damn.. it really sucked knowing that it really happened...

I saw a good amount of faces and got a lot of videos (which I can't post everything) however, Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor?


All in all, it all got me so excited that I even wished I was fighting at UFC 202. I was seriously so pumped to see all these talented fighters get punched in the face and how the entire audience was all about the same thing.


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