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It has been a crazy few days for light heavyweight Champ, Daniel Cormier.

With his opponent, Jon Jones being scratched last minute from the UFC 200 roster, Dana White wanted to make something happen for Cormier.

There were a good amount of fighters that stepped up to the plate on Twitter to Dana White to try and get that fight:

Alexander Gustafsson (16-4)

His last fight was against Cormier where it went all 5 rounds and he lost by a split decision leaving Daniel getting his hand raised. It would make sense for Gustafsson in wanting to regain his loss.

Michael Bisping (29-7)

He never fought Cormier before but if they did they obviously aren't in the same weight class. Someone would have had to make some adjustments somewhere because "The Count" is 185 and Cormier is a light heavyweight at 205. This would have been a fun fight regardless, but the stress Cormier would have to be under and the thought of either gaining or losing weight would be been not at the best time.

Ilir Latifi (12-4)

I could see Latifi and Cormier fight but I feel it is just not the right time. He has fought a good amount of fighters and one, but are they on the Champion caliber? maybe not. However, given some time with DC still being the Champ I can see this fight happening sometime in the future.

Gegard Mousasi (38-6)

Given that he has a really good record and has beaten some very great fighters in the past that are now ranked in their own divisions, I could see this fight. However, he is already fighting at UFC 200 against Thiago Santos (13-3).. so I can really see this and how it would work out at all.

But one fighters plea made sense.

Anderson "The Spider" Silva (37-7)

Silva was set to fight Uriah "Primetime" Hall (12-6) back in Brazil a couple of months back but had to drop out from an injury. In my opinion, that would have been one of my favorite fights BY FAR because Silva and Hall have similar fighting styles. It would have been the old vs the new.

Even though he is now going to be fighting Daniel Cormier, I do feel good amount it. But I think I would much rather see a rematch with Gustafsson more. This fight isn't going to be for the title which I think is a good idea given the 2-day notice "The Spider" had. So now Daniel can go in there and most likely take all his aggression out on Silva. Cormier is angry and very disappointed that it isn't Jon Jones that will be facing him inside the octagon. Daniel is very tough in ways if he loses this fight hopefully it doesn't set him back even further.

Either way, he will still be the light heavyweight Champion, in the end, no matter who's hand is raised.

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