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Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone is no stranger inside the Octagon as he shares the cage across Patrick Cote in the welterweight division.

Tonight the co-main event was filled with excitement easily as the fan-favorite of the night. Being just as dangerous on his feet as he is on the ground, you have to watch out for yourself from all angles.

He seems so confident and even when his hands were dropped he would counter with combos and smooths breaths. The high kicks he sends are vicious and very precise.

It is without a doubt that this win should gain more fans to look at Cerrone and what he has to offer. His experience oozes with passion and shows up with power.

At one point he knocks out Cote, but allows him to stand back up on his feet during the end of the second round, but then knocks him out again in the 3rd?


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