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The only thing on my mind lately has been UFC 214 AKA the long-awaited rematch between current UFC light heavyweight Champion, Daniel "DC" Cormier (19-1) vs former light-heavyweight Champion, Jon "Bones" Jones (21-1).

After DC lost to Jones in 2015 that was pretty devastating for the Champ. From that point forward things happened throughout the years with Jones that made him unable to fight.

When the news poured about getting his Championship belt stripped to now have it be in the hands of DC I'm sure that wasn't an easy moment.

People think of Jones as being one of the best fighters that have ever stepped into the UFC. The praise around him was oozing with cheers until he went through his life and fucked it up.

How many times does he have to reach out to the fans to tell us that from this point on he will start to do things differently?

We believed him.

But that ALWAYSSSSS turned out to not be the case.

Jones tells us to trust him that he will get it together, but he hasn't...

Ever since his tears at the immediate conference the day after the test results came back and his appearance on Joe Rogan's Podcast... GIVE ME A BREAK. He got caught red-handed.

I'm sorry but your excuse was that one of your training partners handed you the pills YET YOU DIDN'T KNOW WHERE THEY GOT IT FROM?!?!

Liiiiiiiike... let's take a step back here...


You were about to step into the octagon to fight the most important rematch of your career HOWEVER, you decided to risk take DICK PILLS when you didn't track where they are coming from?


Who are you foolin' for real?!

Also when Rogan was like "ESTROGEN BLOCKERS ARE BANNED IN THE OLYMPICS" and Jones coming through like "OH REALLY? I DIDN'T KNOW THAT"

I'm sorry, but it's hard to trust a lot of things.

Now in the present time, he must have an amazing PR team because he finally accepts his coke use and mistakes but promotes that time in his life as a form of product to sell to us. For DC getting booed when he is the good guy towards Jones defiantly makes you feel some type of way.

It has been a crazy rollercoaster, but in the end around when UFC 200 happened (or didn't rather..) that is when it all took a left turn. I think as a true fan and an enthusiast, Jones not making it to that fight the day before weigh-ins because he tested positive for some thangsssss had us all SHOOK!!

As fans, where do everyone's priorities lie?

It makes you question.

I know there are people that don't really care what he does in his personal life, but once it starts to get in the way of him making fights, THAT is a problem. Not everyone is made out of money and fans have a right to be disappointed because they spent money thinking they would see this rematch and turns out they didn't get it at all.

Now we are lightly putting trust in this situation AGAIN for UFC 214 and it is kind of a scary feeling. In the back of your head, you can't help but think...


No one wants that.

I personally felt for DC at that moment because once again TIME is what is keeping these 2 from fighting. It doesn't make it easy when the rematch seemed more and more spread apart because of the wrongdoings.

That was a really tough pill to swallow.

DC went on to fight Anderson "Spider" Silva (34-8), who took the fight on extreme late notice and won. We saw DC go through Anthony "Rumble" Johnson TWICE (22-6)... where he succeeded.

Also, Alexander Gustafsson (18-4), which I'm sure isn't easy for any fighter.

Jones was out of the picture so DC had to do what he had to do within his Champ duties. That is something I can personally respect. He didn't sit around pouting over Jones, but at the end of the day, that was always in the back of his head.

I don't think DC could mentally be satisfied with his career until he fights Jones again and puts an end to this chapter!

This rematch seriously is one of the most important given the storyline and history. Both fighters need each other in order to feel some type of validation! DC needs it to prove that when you do something bad, you should get punished for it.

While we have Jones, who is the troublemaker, but now has owned up to it all needs this belt to re-define who most of us see him be now, and it's not good.

If on July 29th there turns out to be a repeat of Jon Jones not making it to this fight I don't even want to predict my mood because as a fan it will be on another level.

I can only imagine for DC, but knowing that I will be at this event live along with many other fans who also need an end to this story, NEEDS TO HAPPEN... BECAUSE LET'S BE CLEAR JON JONES--

But I have to respect your skills as an athlete. PS THANKS FOR THE BLOCKAGE ON TWITTER.


Now that that is out hahaha.

I generally joke around how a purge will happen or I would have to end up going to therapy because I don't know how to live. LOL. It's true. This fight is very, VERYYYYY important.

The last thing we need is more time gaps in between DC and Jones.

We only have two more days to go and as of right now I am crossing all my fingers and toes that UFC 214 will be nothing less but fucking BEAUTIFUL.

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