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Now before you even start...

I'm not the one to give speeches, BUT--

YES I know the difference between Boxing and MMA striking..

YES I know this is a money fight...

YES I know McGregor is a southpaw and Mayweather hates southpaws...

YES I know on paper Conor McGregor doesn't stand a chance...

YES I know all the outrageous media hype is all for the promotion of the fight...

YES I know Floyd is way older than McGregor...

YES I know an 8 oz glove decision is more in favor of McGregor than the 10 oz ones...

Now let's fucking move on...

For a while now the talks between the still undefeated Floyd "Money" Mayweather (49-0) vs the "Notorious" Conor McGregor (21-3) for MMA have been no secret for more than a year now.

The anticipation of my curiosity of rumors and my non-doubt was literally about to make my head explode.

I know this isn't the first time we have had a crossover from 2 different sports because let's not forgotten about the 15 rounds of greatness between boxing legend, Muhammad Ali (56-5) vs. professional wrestler, Antonio Inoki (53-2).

Even though that fight ended as a draw, the desire factor was alive and well. That fight happened in the late '70s but a true fan can still withhold a conversation.

Does UFC's Randy "The Natural" Couture (19-11) vs multi-Championship Boxer, James Toney (77-10-3)? Or how about the most recent undefeated Boxing prodigy, Heather "The Heat" Hardy (1-0) for MMA making her WMMA debut at Bellator 180 vs Alice "The Soccer Mom" Yauger (4-6)??


I don't know.

But it still doesn't stop my brain from thinking ALL THE THINGS like:

"Was Floyd really coming out of retirement?"

"Is the UFC really going to let McGregor merge to boxing?"

"Is McGregor's UFC contract getting torn?"

"What about Nate Diaz?"

"Will Floyd fight GGG after this?"

Like seriously... the list goes fucking on.

Meanwhile, I fell into it and I don't really regret it either. I was following on the hype train of unofficial promo videos and the late night's endless interviews. Once the news was finally out it was a jump for joy moment because all the predictions were coming to light. At that moment my mind wanted to go to every event that was linked to this fight.

The news was a 4 stop tour through Los Angeles, Toronto, New York, and London. Knowing I wasn't going to get on another plane (because I just got home from working in Texas) was not in the cards for me.


I went to take a fucking bus from San Francisco to LA where I managed to take a bus a 2 pm that arrived at my destination pretty late at night.


Luckily everything was fine and I didn't have to deal with any shenanigans along the way however, I was overly tired to the point of ultra exhaustion that really I just didn't know how to feel. Besides that though, I still made it out to the event and I was very happy about the results.

My friend picked me up from the bus station late at night and I was exhausted as shit. With that said a beer run was in the order of course.

I got to cuddle with the cutest dog ever and fall asleep to trashy reality tv.

I woke up and was so tired I forgot where I was for a second, but of course, I had to take the morning Snapchat without any makeup because it sloooooowly started to hit what I was getting myself into.

Once I was officially able to move off of my friend's couch I don't think mimosas weren't ever going to NOT be part of the equation, because let's keep it real... fucking DUH.

Even though we had tickets (GREAT TICKETS AT THAT IN SECTION 107 THANKS TO A VERY SPECIAL PERSON) we wanted to make sure that we didn't miss any of the epicness.

LIIIIIKE going to McDonald's inside of the arena when the line isn't long kind of priorities.

Once we got to the arena it was feeling a little surreal, but I was happy! We walked around and decided to check out everything before actually taking our seats. The merchandise SUCKED. I really thought someone was gonna hit the nail on that but they didn't. Whatever though because I knew deep down I wasn't going to buy anything. I needed this trip to be the cheapest possible since it was a last-minute decision.

So what does that mean?


See how my brain works?

Once we were walking to find our seats the one thing that was on my mind the most was to try very hard to not spill my beer as I am walking down the stairs.

The view was pretty intense and right away it put into perspective what the fuck I was even doing. I was the only one out of my friends actually going to something like this and for a split second that made me feel a little funny.


As time was going on we were fueling ourselves with drinks as these random performances started happening on stage while the casuals filled in more and more seats. I wasn't digging the music at all. It was quite comical actually, but being in the environment I don't see how I could even judge sooooo... even though I didn't know their names it wouldn't have made it less terrible if I did.

It seemed like forever until the actual fighters started to walk out and when they finally announced McGregor, everyone around me went fucking WILD.

The behavior McGregor had leading up to this moment was something that was rather familiar. I am not going to lie, from seeing him during the time when he was fighting Nate Diaz for the 2nd time and to him participating in that now I am not surprised by anything. Cause let's keep it real, that time in Las Vegas was probably the craziest experience I have gone through before at any fighting event.

It was like everything was coming to light.

Then when Mayweather was making his way out, the tone of the crowd completely changed.

There was so much going on that when they first started talking it was very hard to hear anything. I wouldn't expect less but WHO AM I during this time to actually want to hear what these fighters are saying... LOL.

Especially with the people sitting behind me they literally wouldn't shut up about EVERYTHING. Constant repeating... it's like OK I GET IT, but at the same time, they really can't hear you though.

After a certain point, I figured I shouldn't be the only non-sober person in this place right now either.

All in all, it was a lot of back and forth.

*sings* "ANYTHING YOU CAN DO I CAN DO BETTER!!"... is literaaaaaaally the mood of the entire speech inside the Staples Center. I do admit a lot of it was very entertaining and I enjoying most of my time.


I can't complain too much I mean the tickets were free, the drinks were decent prices and I was able to catch my OVERNIGHT bus back like NO BIG FUCKING DEAL.

I feel the award for the most excited person in that room 100% goes to Uncle Dana White.

Once I got back to the Bay Area there was a lot I have to take in as far as what just happened. It felt like I didn't even need to watch the fight live and make that effort.

I already had a hotel booked because I wanted to go to the weigh-ins and the fight, but I don't know. I didn't feel a great desire to. I watched 2 other locations of the tour on UFC Fight Pass but I started losing interest the more and more time was going on.

Since then I canceled my hotel and I'm still surprised there isn't even any additional information for when and where the weigh-ins actually are.

It took just till the other day for them to announce the undercard.

The fact that there are still tickets being sold, the promotion of the other fighters on the undercard is lacking, McGregor and his huge sparring session mess with 2 boxers THUS far, his racist comments, no weigh-in date, like PLEASE.

APPLAUDS for Mayweather Promotions for putting Gervonta "Tank" Davis (18-0) to go against Francisco Fonseca (19-0-1) for the IBF World Super Featherweight Championship. While Badou Jack (21-1-2) vs Nathan Cleverly (30-3) for the WBA World Light Heavyweight Championship on the card!

Sad there is no Anthony "AJ" Joshua (19-0), but maybe next year...

There is way too much to think about outside of this fight rather than a fight because actually breaking it down seems like I am doing something dirty.

Now let's not get it twisted, I WILL be watching this fight. I am not like Oscar De La Hoya (39-6) over here threatening to boycott and not watch it because I am feeling hella salty...



But I'm not sure if I will follow too much more of the media until we get REALLY close to the fight.

With that being said, if Mcgregor wins against Mayweather what would that actually mean for the sport of Boxing? If Mayweather wins what does that mean for the sport of MMA? It is the only question I have that linger.

Until then August 26th and that partial charge into my account for that $100 PPV is just around the corner.

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