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I don't know about you, but...

after November 12th I still can't get how amazing the fight cards were at UFC 205. First, they fought in New York which is enough to get me on my toes, but the lineup...


Buuuuut let's rewind really quick.

I have been on this UFC 205 hype for a hot second since it was announced, yet I do admit I was really missing some Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone (31-7). He was supposed to face Kelvin Gastelum (13-2), but things changed when Kelvin ended up missing weight...again.

It was too off the marks and for that, the fight had to be scrapped.

The UFC wasn't able to find another opponent on that short of notice so face-forward into our time right now Cowboy Cerrone will be facing no other than Matt Brown (22-15) in Toronto at UFC 206 on December 10th.

Also joining them will be Rashad "Suga" Evans (24-5-1) vs Tim Kennedy (18-5) since their bout was taken off the card also at UFC 205 because of a sudden injury from Evans.


Are you ready?


Let's start with the first things that come to my head.


Yoel Romero (12-1) with that flying knee TKO against Chris Weidman (13-2) in his hometown?! Yikes. That was brutal. It reminded me of a moment at UFC 199 when he was re-matching against Luke Rockhold that one night...

Last Saturday night...

Two words: Khabib Nurmagomedov. (24-0).


Nurmagomedov against Michael Johnson (18-11) was fantastic and he completely overruled Michael on the ground, yet the effort was there. He was just getting beat up over and over. I was a little surprised that the fight wasn't stopped earlier than it was, but Khabib is really set on having a title fight right now.

I get it. You are undefeated.

The injuries and the time he has taken away from the cage could be an issue to some NEW Champions I should say. In my opinion he should fight Tony Fergerson (23-3) first and the winner of that can get the title fight.


Miesha "Cupcake" Tate (18-7) vs Raquel "Rocky" Pennington (9-5).

This fight was interesting because Tate was Pennington's coach on The Ultimate Fighter Season 18. In a way, Miesha already knew what she was getting herself into.

Even though Tate won the belt and then lost the belt in her first title defense against now women's bantamweight Champion, Amanda Nuñes so the holes were there.

"Rocky" was owning inside the Octagon and I was very impressed. She comes from a fantastic boxing background so everyone senses that Pennington will only strike on her feet. Meanwhile, at UFC 205 she showed all-around skills from the ground. It was great.

Between rounds, Tate was telling Caraway that she wasn't feeling it anymore and didn't want to fight. She gave up that night and it was sad to watch.

Miesha Tate announced her retirement and no one really seen it coming at that moment. When Ronda Rousey was Champion Tate announced retirement in the past, but now it all came true.

Pennington won to a unanimous decision over Tate and it was a great victory for a fighter that seems to be rather underrated.


The epic 5 round brawl between Joanna Jedrzejczyk (13-0) vs Karolina Kowalkiewicz (10-1) was everything!! I give it to Karolina for hanging in there all rounds because you could tell that Joanna was tearing her apart during moments.

Kowalkiewicz never gave up and it was an entertaining fight nonetheless.

There really is nothing better than 2 undefeated fighters from the same country showing off their most ultimate skills. I have a lot of praise for Karolina, but I don't see a rematch anytime soon.

Joanna ended up keeping her belt that night as she defended for the 5th time and I don't think it is going away any time soon...


I was most excited about the Tyron "The Chosen One" Woodley (16-3-1) vs Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson (13-1-1) and WHOAAAA was that a fight.

I felt like a little kid curled up on my couch slightly frightened and excited about what was going to happen next.

I honestly had no idea who was going to win this fight because this was me the entire night...

The fighters are so different from each other. It really depended on if Woodley was gonna stop across that Octagon and TKO Thompson (prrrrreeeetty much what he did to Robbie "Ruthless" Lawler (27-11)..).

OR if "Wonderboy" was going to get a TKO a few rounds down with his insane karate technique.


The fight was REALLY close.

It went all 5 rounds and Bruce Buffer ended up making some mistakes in the end and read the fight as a majority draw, yet Woodley still retained his title. I can easily see a rematch between these 2 very soon because I don't think I am the only one anticipating that right now because it was that good.

Plus they ended up getting Fight Of The Night (FOTN).


To be honest, I have always been a "Notorious" Conor McGregor (21-3) fan, but on the night of UFC 205, I REALLY became a McGregor fan. I know he has been doing his thing in other divisions instead of defending his featherweight title and I am not complaining.

You have to give it to Conor for getting a TKO win over Eddie Alvarez.

The special thing about it of course is the fact that history was made in general because they were fighting in New York for the first time MEANWHILE, Conor now has 2 belts. He was able to take over Alvarez in such a fashion that it seemed embarrassing for the rest of the lightweight division.



And Eddie... ohhhhh Eddie.

Conor had to have gotten inside the head of Alvarez a lot before the fight because I don't know what Eddie was doing at all. Apparently, he changed his game plan at the last minute and wanted to strike and kicks instead of utilizing the takedown more, but McGregor has a glorious defense.

Conor looked poised the entire time like he was always meant to do this while Alvarez was looking frazzled.

When he was getting punched with those strikes he seemed to underestimate how hard McGregor can actually hit and the power that goes into them.

It was a very entertaining bout to watch.

At the end of the night, I was standing on my two feet cheering nonstop at my television. If I could feel the intensity that much I can only imagine everyone that attended Madison Square Garden that night.

2016 is almost over and I don't think another card with a top that one for a long time.


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