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During today’s pre-fight press conference for UFC 196 being held in Vegas before the fights this Saturday, March 5th at the MGM Grand, things continue to get heated whenever bad boy Nate Diaz and Conor “The Notorious” McGregor sits in the same room.

Joining them was our current bantamweight champion Holly Holm and the defending Miesha “Cupcake” who is after that belt.

Both of those fighters are completely different than the fighters in the main event. After these 2 ladies fight, they said if they are healthy enough they are both gonna go out or drinks together to celebrate.

I don’t think Diaz and The Irishman would tag along though after today.

McGregor was originally supposed to be in a super fight with Rafael Dos Anjos however two weeks before the fight RDA drops out from a broken foot. Now we have Nate Diaz who is the only fighter to stand up against “The Notorious” on the same level as they play nonstop mental warfare against each other with their words.

As we have Holly Holm who is defending her Championship belt for the first time against a hungry fighter who should have had this belt a long time ago according to her.

Check out the video here. If you want to want to get straight to the press conference you can skip the video to 33:14.

Do you think McGregor can back up all his words inside the Octagon towards Nate? Or do you think Diaz is going to find an opening and knock him out the that famous Stockton Slap of his?

Is Holly Holm more than a fight against Ronda Rousey? Or does Miesha Tate continue her two-year win streak inside the cage against the Champ? Only time will tell. Check out UFC 196 this Saturday, March 5th on pay-per-view.

But don’t forget to check out the early prelims on streaming only on UFC Fight Pass.


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