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Today Marks Two Months Since I've Moved To England

Today marks a special moment where I was stepping foot inside my new flat with my husband just two months ago for the first time. Leaving the San Francisco Bay Area, a home I've known for over 20 years, or California, a place where I was born, I mean, a damn country I've spent my entire life in???


Talk about inception filled with positive change and growing pains.

Getting here was very dragged out and challenging. Not only the crazy US elections or the ongoing pandemic but I was starting a fresh new website for my brand. Going to school for creative writing makes the list, ending and mending friendships, setting boundaries, quitting alcohol all while running through a factory of anxiety attacks along the way.

Deep down though, quitting alcohol cold turkey was probably my biggest achievement to date. I would be lying if I said it was one of the hardest challenges I've dissected to date. You know when they say there's a moment in life where you shut off all the noise, pick up the mirror, and face yourself? Yeah, It was absolutely like that.

I'm glad I got to experience my first anniversary of no alcohol back in The Bay area filled with friends, food music, and a boat. I will be two years strong this June. That was one of my biggest worries when moving to a new country. You know, the anxiety of it all. If I didn't have alcohol to settle the nerves, which is what I'm used to, what are my new vices?