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It just hasn't been the best 2nd half of the year for Ian "Uncle Creepy" McCall (13-5-1).

I don't really know what he did in a past life, but this is the second time a fight has been scrapped this year. Given everything going on he has only fought twice since 2014.



First McCall was supposed to fight Justin Scoggins (11-2) at UFC 201 in Atlanta, but the card got cut due to Justin not being able to make weight. So just 48 hours before the fight the announcement came out that it was no longer on the card.

In the wake of it all, it sounds like it could be something just a liiiittle bit more personal than that on the friendship side, but either way that isn't a good feeling. One great thing that did come out of it was that McCall was paid for showing up and gathered the fight earnings as well.

Even though there was an option for a catchweight bout, Ian decided against it. I mean, he did make weight after all.

Then fast forward to 6 weeks later 2 days before UFC 203 in Cleveland where "Uncle Creepy" and Ray "the Tazmexican Devil" Borg (9-2) was supposed to go down on the cards, but now that fight is officially off the cards due to an illness.

I mean how unlucky is that.

As for the UFC, it isn't unheard of to find a replacement opponent for a fighter this late in the game. I mean hell, just look at Daniel Cormier (18-1) vs Anderson "The Spider" Silva (33-8) at UFC 200!!!

No matter what, I am starting to feel a little sad for Uncle Creepy. I'm sure all the fans would love him to actually FIGHT soon inside the octagon against a fighter that will actually, well.. show up.

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