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In the early years of Randy "RudeBoy" Brown (7-1) Springfield, Massachusetts is his hometown yet moved to Spanish Town, Jamaica when he was a little boy.

By 15 he started boxing and started his amateur fighting career in 2012 with a (4-2) record before making his way into a pro by 2014.

Dana White's "Looking For A Fight" is where "RudeBoy" was noticed after he KOs Robert Plotkin (2-3) inside the cage at Ring of Combat 53 back in January of this year. He also became Champion of the welterweight division one time in his career.

From the show, White went to talk to him afterward and decided to sign him into the UFC.

His UFC octagon debut happened soon after that on January 30th against Canadian welterweight, Matt Dwyer (8-4) at UFC on Fox 18 - Johnson vs Bader. Brown ended up winning by unanimous decision from the judges as his gas tank flows through 3 rounds.

During his pro career, he was on a rather eccentric win streak until April 16th came along.

Randy came face to face with Michael Graves (6-0-1) during UFC on Fox 19 - Teixeria vs Evans where he experienced his first loss as a pro.

At 2:31 on the clock in the second round, Graves was able to connect a rear-naked choke around the neck of Brown, where he successfully got a submission win.

Personally, I have been VERY impressed with Brown and what he has done starting with his amateur career to now becoming a successful welterweight inside the UFC. Even though he is coming off of a loss, given how he deals with that kind of emotion, he will without a doubt come back stronger.

Just like he did when he fought for Xtreme Caged Combat in 2013 to Ring of Combat in 2014.

The eagerness to improve is there and even his sister, Kimberly Morgan said "Once he puts his mind to something, he sticks to it." You can tell he is constantly climbing up the ladder through this fight journey.

ON THAT NOTE check out this amazing MMA Conditioning Training video by Muscle Madness of the Champ to take a little glimpse at what I am talking about...

Say it with me now...


It nice to know that his destination is endless because there is always room to grow and It doesn't just stop where he is currently. That doesn't mean Brown is never satisfied, it just means he is ALWAYS doing something to make himself better.

I enjoy that in fighters because they have something special above others. You might not know his name now, but you better believe he is striking his way through or defending himself from a takedown like a CHAMP.

Growing up in Jamaica he knew he was destined to fight. Even if some of the people that were close to him didn't agree, Brown still made it happen because he CHOSE to follow that dream. "RudeBoy" isn't just a fighter, he is an inspiration.


Make sure to check out Randy "RudeBoy" Brown's return to the cage on September 17th against welterweight, Erick "Perry" Montano (8-3) in Hidalgo, Texas during UFC Fight Pass Prelims.

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