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Current Women's Strawweight Champion, Joanna Jedrzejczyk (13-0)


Is there anyone that can beat Jedrzejczyk inside the division? She has been undefeated since 2015 and while certain fighters have come close to defeat her their hand doesn't get raised in the end. When you watch her fights it is easy to think the only thing she does is strike, but if we take it a step back real quick Jedrzejczyk started out as a 6-time World Champion and a four-time European Champion in Muay Thai plus the training started about 10 years ago.

A contract was offered from the UFC in 2014 and she signed it. Over the next couple of years, she became the strawweight Champion after defeating Carla "Cookie Monster" Esparza (12-3) for the belt.

Since then Jedrzejczyk has defended her title successfully 4 times in the cage.


Becoming the first Polish Champion isn't the only history she wants to make while challenging herself in another division to gain a 2nd belt.

I can't deny the goals are there which makes me smile. I mean, how could you not? Jedrzejczyk has proved to us that she is clearly a beast and once the cage locks.

#6 Ranked Women's Strawweight, Jessica "Bate Estaca" Andrade (15-5)

I am going to step out and say Andrade is a very underrated fighter. Most of her background in fighting comes from Brazil in 2011 and made her way through Russia during 2013 then paved her way into the UFC.

What started out as a replacement fighter happened to work out when she fought Liz "Girlrilla" Carmouche (10-5) for her debut. Even though she lost to a TKO in the 2nd round Andrade fought some top women in the division like Joanne "JoJo" Calderwood (11-2), Jessica Penne (12-4), and Raquel "Rocky" Pennington (9-5).

It is obvious that the talent is there. She can knock you out and submit you in the same fight. Andrade is working on a 2 win fight streak right now and she is well-deserving.

In ways either her opponents get replaced and/or she loses out on fights while becoming overlooked.

As she has a fight booked against Invicta FC's Women's Strawweight Champion, Angela "Overkill" Hill (6-2) this Sunday, February 5th in Houston.


First, let me point out that IF Jessica Andrade wins her bout on Sunday this bout can be booked up REAL quick.

On that note, even though Jedrzejczyk has been the face of the division for a couple of years now she has clearly made a statement. Her style is so specific in the way that she fights. It is known that she mimics the one and only Chuck Liddell and the way he handles it inside the cage against his opponents.

The mix of knees, elbows, push kicks on not just the body, but the head at most is her thing.

Did someone say SPRAWL-AND-BRAWL?!

Also known as a poetic piece of art if I have to get deep about it. Why? Because what she is doing is WORKING. Not only is she clean with her technique, but Jedrzejczyk knows how to avoid a takedown.

Now knowing that Andrade will prove that Jedrzejczyk isn't the only one with hands inside of the division. She knows how to get people on the ground and submit them, yet of course unless it's avoided.

Either way, Andrade can have some kind of well-rounded game plan since striking is mostly going to come from Jedrzejczyk's fists.

It seems that knowing Andrade is getting her a fight before she places herself against the calm before the storm, this will be an all-out brawl either way. There are storylines to continue if the belt is passed and it will change the division. It will make them more hungry.

Jedrzejczyk in this fight will have everything to lose while Andrade will have everything to gain.



Jessica Andrade can do it all.

The bus might have been missed before, but now if Andrade gets through Hill on Sunday her eyes will be on that belt after a well-deserved win.

The timeframe works as Jedrzejczyk wants to fight in the Spring/Summer but also stated she wanted to fight in her home country of Poland during the second half of the year. That could be a possibility if Andrade can pull through.

"Weak Chin" I believe is what she called Jedrzejczyk.

Do I agree?

I meaaaaaaaaaaan...

If we go back to when she was fighting Claudia Gadelha, let's keep it real, she stumbled a few times for sure I can't deny it.

HOWEVER, Jedrzejczyk is quick and fast just as I said before, whatever she is doing is working. If she can elevate her game from that she still remains and threat to Andrade.

This fight needs to happen because surprisingly it will be a challenge for them both. In no way shape or form is this a one-sided fight.

The division is booming.

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