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Well, it looks like Rory MacDonald might have found a new home away from the UFC.

After the fight against Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson (13-1) back in June, it was clear to MacDonald that if he ended up winning that fight a lot of things would change.

He would get his anticipated rematch against Robbie "Ruthless" Lawler to redeem his loss, get a new a refreshed contract with the UFC, beat Lawler, then become the UFC Champion of the welterweight division.

The only thing is he didn't win that fight against Thompson.

Bellator came into the picture right after already wanting to snatch him up. Nothing was set in stoned at that time, but the thought of the "Red King" moving over started to make more and more sense. The caliber Rory has is incredible, which allowed him to stay in the top rankings throughout his division for years. Moving over to Bellator MMA I can picture him RUNNING through guys because he IS a fighter.

A good reason why Rory signed his name on that contract is that what he got offered was a nice hefty contract with a lot of upfront money that the UFC didn't want to match.

There are a good amount of fighters that have moved over to Bellator MMA since like Ben Henderson, Rampage Jackson, and Matt Mitrione to name a few.

I am very intrigued to see what the future holds for MacDonald.

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