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First of all, I went through spiderwebs trying to find interviews that "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey (12-1) has given in reference to Cris "Cyborg" Santos (16-1) and fighting her.

The first one is 3 years ago in 2013 with FightHubTV where she begins talking about her best friend Marina "The Supernova from Moldova" Shafir (1-2) and her plans on going pro during that time. She also talks about how tough the Cuban girl fighters are against the Brazilian girl fighters when it comes to judo.

Towards the end of the interview, she states how she wants to be the first out of the 2 to fight Cris Cyborg.

Ronda did an interview with James Koh from Fox in 2015 when she was still the women's bantamweight Champion. She stated that she would agree to fight Cris Cyborg at 140lbs if Dana White wants her to...

BUUUUT if you want to get straight to the point...

Well, well, well... it's crazy how things change.

Since then Cris Cyborg has passed numerous USADA tests for quite some time now as well as winning 2 catchweight bouts at 140lbs since her UFC debut inside the octagon. PLUS Ronda doesn't hold the women's bantamweight title anymore.

So does Ronda really feel the same right now in fighting Cyborg? Catchweight bouts inside the UFC are happening and they are entertaining, to say the least. As for Ronda Rousey, there shouldn't be another exception if she has agreed to fight her before.

SO WHAT HAS CHANGED? *thinks for a second*

Maybe the UFC is keeping her 'safe'. The fact that Ronda lost to Holly "The Preachers Daughter" Holm (10-2) and is finally getting back into the octagon after a long disappearance to Hollywood, she clearly doesn't want to lose again (and I'm sure the UFC doesn't want her to either).

Maybe because when you look at the track record and stats it might prove that this will be a VERY tough fight for her. With that being said she might ACTUALLY lose for the 2nd time in a row...

I mean hey, SOMEONE has to come out on top AM I RIGHT?!

Then what happens to UFC's woman money-making superstar?

Don't get me wrong, Ronda Rousey is an AMAZING fighter. My issue isn't with what she can do inside the cage. My issue stems from her running away from this fight in particular. So please, don't get it twisted.

Recently Dana White did an interview during the UFC Unfiltered Podcast and he quotes:

"Ronda wants to fight her. We'll have to figure out at what weight to fight, but Ronda wants to fight... Ronda could do 140."

Even though that might be good news sometimes Dana White doesn't have the best track record with keeping certain promises that he claims and the same goes for Ronda Rousey as well. For the MMA fans that WANT to see this fight Ronda needs to say it out of her own mouth just like she did 1 year ago... THREE YEARS AGO.. and set the record straight.

Soon she won't be able to hide anymore and Cris is making SURE that she doesn't. Because if she doesn't do it in an interview, Cyborg will come to her and MAKE her come to a decision while doing everything possible to get the word out.

It's overly clear that Cris wants this fight to happen. She has even gone so far as to dig into the history of social media to show the world that Ronda needs to stay true to her words.

So OF COURSE, she has no problem fighting at catchweight, correct?

Oh, by all means, she doesn't stop there. Cris sent a little gift to Glendale Fight Club, which is Ronda Rousey's official gym, with a little note that says:

In my opinion, Cyborg is very well-deserving to fight Ronda Rousey coming off of a 10-year win streak and then some. She has done a lot for this sport whether certain people like to see it or not.

AND SO HAS RONDA, so why not showcase that you really are the best that you claim in front of the world. Cris is on another level and she has been here this whole time while "Rowdy" has been gone. They both have one loss on their record and just because you aren't undefeated doesn't make you the best fighter.

It all matters how you come back from that loss and grow yourself from that. How did you learn? What can you do differently? PROVE TO US why you are the greatest. There is no better way to showcase that right now other than fighting Cris Cyborg.

If the UFC was smart they would allow Ronda to fight for the title right when she gets back and if she wins?... low and behold they have their superstar back and they won't even bat an eye at Cyborg.

However, THAT ISN'T WHAT THE FANS WANT. They want to see her fight against the best RIGHT NOW and if that doesn't happen once again it will look like she is running scared.

So to all of the UFC and Dana White, LET'S GET IT TOGETHER so we all can put an end to this story. Put these 2 amazing fighters inside the cage and have them lash out all the hate and worry.

Because in the end, no one wants to see a fighter running scared.

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