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OK, First of all, my initial observation of Dana White was that he was SO pissed even before the conference actually started.

I mean given he had good reasons to be mad since Conor McGregor decides to show up 30 minutes late when Diaz, Teixeria, and Johnson we in attendance ON TIME of course. So already the conference is starting off on a rough patch as the majority of questions from the media were about "...but where is Conor?"

OHHH the frustration on Dana's face...

Also, questions that were directed to Rumble were "Jon Jones this, Jon Jones that" and he was getting pretty irate with the range of questions not being focus on Glover Teixeria at the time. ESPECIALLY since they fight against each other on Saturday...

That moment when Conor McGregor showed up from coming in late (for reasons I still really don't know) it seemed like things would get better, but no. Things turned into a shit show to be quite honest. From the answers of Nate Diaz and the side comments of McGregor the mood turned TENSE.

Conor already talking about a trilogy fight with Nate before fighting the second seems a little silly. Right after that, Nate ended up walking off stage and saying some remarks to McGregor from backstage and Conor responded a shouted "crackhead eses" about Nate's crew.

From there the conference just escalated. The Stockton Slap guru walked out with his ENTIRE crew flipping eeeeeveryone and anything off at this point. I swear it was like a Beyonce performance for the Grammy's cause that crew was STRONG causing a scene towards the exit.

Theeeeeen one of them decided to throw something on stage and McGregor and that set the Irish man OFF.

He was grabbing all the water bottles he could find on stage to a throwback. Then Nate's crew continued to throw things (not sure if there were more than water bottles at this point) but who knows, really.

The look on Dana White's face though... lol. He was FUMING.

He and McGregor exchanged some words on stage and basically kicked everyone off and ended the conference early.

"SEE YOU SATURDAY" were his last words that day.

In ways, I do feel bad because through all this Anthony Johnson and Glover Teixeria didn't really get to promote their fight as much at that conference...

Meanwhile, in two days this could probably be the biggest rematch in UFC History. Given if this is how their press conferences are, just imagine what they will do to each other inside of that Octagon with no security to old each other back.


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