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Paying Homage To The Crow's Brandon Lee On His 57th Birthday


Honestly, where do I even begin..

Brandon Lee is someone special. Not just to me, but a lot of people. Today is February 1, 2022 which marks what would have been his 57th birthday on this crazed Earth planet. Born in Oakland, CA REPRESENTTTTT in 1965, we already knew being Bruce Lee's only son was either going to be a burden or a blessing. Ever since I was a little girl I just remember being so obsessed with Brandon Lee.

He would always train with his Dad growing up and avidly talking about martial arts. Then from eight years old, he moved to Seattle to Boston to New York, but always found himself back in the sunny side of Los Angeles, CA. After Bruce Lee died on the set of one of his movies from swelling of the brain, his legacy still lives on.

Brandon was known to be very smart in English and writing, but being a pure actor was more of his thing over martial arts. Yet, landing debut roles like Kung Fu: The Movie kinda hinted where being an action star could go.

Remember Chung Wang?? OOP. I know that's right.