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Tuesday, March 22nd marks a special day for the world of MMA as the New York State Assembly legalizes professional martial arts after 19 years.

This makes NY the last state to make this a reality for these fighters.

The Assembly is spread equally between 150 members since you only need 76 votes to pass the bill. Luckily, it was a 113-25 vote and even though not everyone agreed with MMA as a sport, they still voted for it. However, there were some members that weren’t so impressed.

Charles Barron compared the sportsmen being thrown inside of a cage just like the slavery days as Daniel O’Donnell took a different approach by saying it’s just like naked men rolling around the ground with each other. Even most won’t agree that doesn’t deny the fact that the votes are in we won.

As for the next step for the UFC, whenever a bill passes there is a 120 day period after the fact before anything can be hosted. Now for the UFC that still means there is plenty of time to plan something good because this summer is already packed with back-to-back weekend fights.

UFC’s Ceo Lorenzo Fertitta states, “I would like to see two big events at the end of the year.” Could that mean fights finally being hosted at the spectacular MGM Grand?

That would be huge.

But what if you are a fighter not signed with the UFC? Having MMA legalized in New York is probably the best outcome for young and upcoming fighters.

Finally, they will be able to host fights within their hometown and not be forced to leave. There is a lot of talent regardless that comes from the east coast. I mean, just look at Jon “Bones” Jones and Chris Weidman.

Who would you live to see make the first UFC New York debut?

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