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On Saturday, June 4th in Los Angeles held the fight of the night at The Forum for UFC 199.

History was made inside the Octagon between Michael Bisping (27-7) and Luke Rockhold (15-3) where Bruce Buffer held up Bisping's arm and shouted, "AND NEW".

I think the world was shocked. Even Bisping. He knocked Rockhold out with a savage KO where he was rocked to the ground. It seems like it was over so fast I'm pretty sure the fans that were watching that fight didn't even have time to pick their jaw up off the floor.

With 3:36 minutes left on the clock Michael Bisping indeed because the first UFC Middleweight Champion from the UK. He has waited a long 10 years for the chance to become the top contender to go after the belt.

It has been a long journey, but it seems now that it has all been worth the wait and the hard work involved.

Coming off of a successful win against one of the best MMA fighters in the world, Anderson Silva, Bisping walked inside the cage that night and he was all business.

According to the post-conference, after that happens soon after the event ended, Luke was explaining his mistakes against his rematch with Bisping as he quotes,

"I will come back and fucking kill you."

As he claims to be that he didn't take the fight too seriously because he really underestimated Bisping, that was his downfall. He was fighting a game plan that was completely different than what he was used to. Only time will tell when these 2 can square off again.

Do you think Luke Rockhold deserves an immediate rematch against the new Champ, Michael Bisping? Or do you think he needs to rematch with Chris Weidman first?

Leave a comment below.

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