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Last night on March 5th at the MGM Grand in Vegas Nate Diaz (20-10) rocked the world with his win over “The Notorious” Conor McGregor (19-3).

The history these two had going back and forth with words was over when Diaz got ahold of McGregor inside the cage and went face to face. During the first round, it seemed that McGregor was playing around with the man from Stockton hitting him here and there in the face making him bleed.

By the second round, it was clear that McGregor was getting tired, and as you were watching you couldn’t help but think, “maybe the 25 weight gain has something to do with it?” Either way that didn’t matter because Diaz came in with a submission over Conor in the 2nd round. It was rather impressive and the sounds we were hearing from the crowd were insane. This time around the prediction that the Irishman had for the fight of knocking Nate out in the first round didn’t come true at all.

What could this mean for the UFC’s Welterweight and Featherweight division? Well even though Conor was defeated last night he still is the current Featherweight Champion and has that belt.

After this fight, I’m not too sure he wants to stay at 170. As he said in last night’s post-fight press conference the best move would be to go back down to his 145 division. Maybe Frankie Edgar even though he claims Conor is scared to fight him.

I could see them possibly fighting at UFC 200 or even a rematch with Jose Aldo for that matter. Where for Diaz this opens up a whole can of worms because he has been around this sport for a very long time.

After this win, I feel he well deserves a title shot against Robbie “Ruthless” Lawler. According to Dana White, it makes a lot of sense. Hopefully, both of these fights could happen during UFC’s fight week in Las Vegas this summer.

Want to see highlights of last night's fight?

Check it out here.

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