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There's so much running through my head right now as Jon Jones was supposed to face off in a VERY anticipated rematch against the light heavyweight Champ, Daniel Cormier.

Just today we were all watching the pre-fight press conference where the 2 were facing off. THREE DAYS until they were supposed to meet inside the Octagon and it is not happening anymore.

Back on June 16th, Jones took a test with the USADA that made to decision to pull him out. Since it was so close to the fight on Saturday it is not enough time to complete all the testing they need to get the most accurate results.

During the conference Dana White held when the news came out, White was giving Jones praise earlier today on how he changed. He fooled everyone on his changed behavior because THIS happens. If the results turn out not in his favor, he could get a minimum of two years.

And this probably isn't a good look for him as he is on probation for the bad decisions that he has made in his past.

For Daniel Cormier, this has to be the most devastating news. Going through a FULL training camp (let alone PAYING for a full training camp) while prepping for a pay-per-view main event? EXPENSIVE. Jones wasted money from not just the fans and the UFC, but his opponent.

Cormier might get another fighter to face him in the Octagon as he has been getting the offers already in just this short amount of time, but what if he loses? Daniel has always taken fights the UFC has given him as long as they make sense. He is a true Champion and it will be a very sad story if he doesn't get to fight at all.

Jones hasn't given any comments tonight on the situation but is scheduled to have an interview sometime tomorrow. This is rather shocking and when I wake up I really wish it was April Fools instead. On that note, things like this happen. It is just sad to see just a talent like Jones be WASTED on certain decisions.

I don't think he realizes that being the best in the world, your decisions affect A LOT of people around you. It is the biggest letdown for his team that helped him train. I really don't know how he is going to come back from there. It seems like Cormier has heard it all before.

There might even be a chance Daniel will never be able to redeem his loss and that will lay heavy on him FOREVER.

STAY TUNED for more as the story unfolds over a heavy beginning for UFC International Fight Week.

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