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The UFC heavyweight with a record of (9-1).

Currently undefeated in the UFC octagon.

Won all fights inside the UFC octagon by TKO.


It is without a doubt the UFC needs someone like Francis "The Predator" N'gannou. Given he signed with the federation in 2015 before making his debut in December of that year, the prodigy that grew up with no money had a dream and is living proof to the people back on the islands in Batíe, Cameroon that you can do anything.

As he continues to help his family and the children of Cameroon back home by building MMA gyms to have and follow an actual dream.

Growing up in poverty he knew there had to be something more to life. Once he came into his adult years that is when N'gannou decided to move to Paris, France June 2013 with $100 in his pocket.

The decision was made how he wanted to pursue a career in boxing since one of the fighters he looked up to at the time was no other than the "Iron" Mike Tyson.

He wanted to go to England since the sport was better there or even Germany but found himself in France. N'gannou didn't have any money to train so once he was introduced to MMA for the first time he started to put all his focus on that instead of boxing.

Once he was there for two months N'gannou was homeless living on the street with no shelter whatsoever until someone at the gym gave him a place to sleep.

Back in Cameroon, he had no idea what UFC or MMA even was and he had trained boxing for about a year before getting sick with hepatitis b. The good thing is he got better before making the move and was told he will never get that ever again.

Francis N'gannou is a fighter with a dream that has come from nothing yet has everything to gain. The heavyweight division needed some spark because lately, certain fights haven't been as exciting as they could.

N'gannou absolutely changes the game meanwhile stays humble to where he has come from.

How can he be so big yet so fast with his hands?!?

After seeing him take on a veteran like #7 ranked Andre Arlovski (21-11) it was the common definition of old vs new. UFC Denver went absolutely insane the night of January 28th. The prediction was there for him to get a TKO in the first round, but at the time you didn't really think it was going to happen until it really did.

It was beautiful and everyone was cheering around. After the fight even Dana White was impressed as he quotes:

"I don't know if in the history of the UFC we've ever had a heavyweight Champion like N'gannou. If you put this guy N'gannou next to; put him side to side with NFL players, put him side by side with the heavyweight boxing Champions throughout history. This is a massive, massive guy."


Cain Velasquez (14-2)? Junior Dos Santos (18-4)?

Alistair "The Demolition Man" Overeem (41-15)?

For once, Dana White couldn't be more right.

Francis N'gannou is one fighter to place on your radar if you haven't done so. I highly agree that he will be the heavyweight Champion on the day.



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