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The #3 ranked women's bantamweight "Alpha" Cat Zingano (9-1) goes against #5 ranked Julianna "The Venezuelan Vixen" Peña (8-2) at UFC 200 July 9th in Las Vegas, California.

The event will be held in the new T-Mobile Arena.

Here is what we know about "Alpha" Cat Zingano

Zingano is a very special breed inside the women's bantamweight division. Ever since she took time off to get her mind right after the death of her husband, the father of her son, Mauricio Zinango, it was hard enough.

After a year she returns back to the octagon against "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey where she lost to an armbar submission in 14 seconds during the very first round during UFC 184. Ever since she has traveled to Thailand and has been very active with getting herself back on her feet. She is now training with men's bantamweight champion, Dominick Cruz at Team Alpha Male ahead of UFC 200.

"Alpha" Cat is a very forceful Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter that likes using her hands and knees. She is just as well-rounded on the ground as she is on her feet. She has defeated fighters like Amanda Nuñes AND Miesha Tate, who is the champion of the women's bantamweight division currently.

That should say just a little something about her skills.

Here is what we know about Julianna "The Venezuelan" Peña

"The Venezuelan Vixen" was the first women's winner of The Ultimate Fighter Season 18. That was a very huge deal and she earned every second of it. She was known on that show to have a lot of energy that led to power. Her element is jiu-jitsu with a lot of experience in wrestling.

She will chase you with her striking before you even have time to think about the next move you are going to do. Peña has 3 career fights in the UFC and after her first bout she ended up getting a very bad knee injury in the gym that left her out of fighting in the cage for a couple of years.

Her most recent fight when she came back in 2015 was against the very tough, Jessica Eye. She won the fight with a unanimous decision in the 3rd round. She proved she is heeled and not letting anything stand in her way.

So what do I think about all this?

In all honesty, it makes me rather nervous because these 2 fighters happen to be some of my favorite fighters in the bantamweight division. I feel this fight should be moved to the main card without a doubt because I can't expect anything less from these two ladies inside that cage.

In ways, they are kind of the same fighter because they have so much energy and passion to prove to themselves that they are the best. None of them give up and they both know how to take a punch to the face. I can see Zingano being rather active and forceful with those knees to the body after getting Peña in a clinch if they decide to keep it on the feet. UNLESS.. once that bell rings to start the first round and Peña just rushes on Zingano towards the cage and work her up then eventually get a takedown.

Or "Alpha" Cat can get the first takedown and ground n pound on Peña's face but manages to get up and keep everything on the feet. Maybe Zingano with getting a TKO with her amazing flying knees... HONESTLY, this can go either way and I might just place my bet on a draw.

Can I do that? I believe as a fangirl, I can and I seriously can't wait.

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