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#13 ranked featherweight Yair "Pantera" Rodriguez (8-1) will face featherweight Alex "Bruce Leeroy" Caceres (12-8) on August 6th in Salt Lake City, Utah as the MAIN event of the evening.

What we know about Yair Rodriguez

Rodriguez has a black belt in Taekwando where he took those skills and started his pro career in 2011. From there he signed up with TUF LATAM Season 1 and ended up winning the entire competition.

That allowed him to begin his career in the UFC where he did nothing but shine.

He is no stranger to his skills inside the Octagon. Yair is currently on a 6 win fight streak and it is going to take a lot to stop that momentum. Along with that he also has 3 first-round finishes under his belt, even though he knows how to go the distance if he wants to.

THE KICKS are my favorite. They are so unexpected and rather powerful too.

His takedown defense is great just in case he wanted to keep the fight on the feet.

What we know about Alex Caceres

Bruce Leeroy is not a stranger inside the cage with his charismatic fight style. Caceres is a very unpredictable fighter, but exciting. You really don't know what move he is going to do next until he actually ends up doing it.

His striking is on point but always has great ground game as well. In ways, he is very well-rounded as his takedown defense is up to par.

In the past, he actually comes from a backstreet fight organization in Miami before starting his professional career in 2008. He has a habit of smiling through all these fights and his role model happens to be the legend himself, Bruce Lee.

When you watch Caceres fight you can for sure how he was influenced by old-school martial arts. Especially coming from the wrestling background that he has. Even though he is not a ranked fighter in the division, he is definitely a threat.


This fight is particularly special because even though the stats of these 2 fighters aren't as similar, they pretty much fight like each other. Yair is VERY explosive inside the cage. He is probably one of the most exciting fighters I have watched in the featherweight division and is Champion material WITHOUT A DOUBT.

The Unorthodox and unpredictable style of Leeroy is something Yair has never seen before. His equal stared at him from across the cage. This fight can either go the distance or can be over in the very first round. It is hard to judge in ways because they both like closing the distance on their opponents.

Even though I tend to always go with the underdogs in fights like this I do believe that Yair will end up getting his hand raised in the end during the 2nd round.

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