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#3 ranked women's strawweight Rose "Thug" Namajunas (6-2) will face #5 ranked, Karolina Kowalkiewicz (9-0) on July 30th in Atlanta, GA as the co-main event.

What we know about Rose Namajunas

The fighting career of Namajunas has been nothing short of inclining more and more. From her start in Invicta FC to where it is now in the UFC, she is indeed something special. Before she was rather scrappy (which I liked).

Right off the bat, you could tell how she got the name "Thug" because she seemed to be someone who believed in herself a lot and looked like the threat who happened to be an underdog at the time. She is more than an underdog. We have seen the things she can do inside that Octagon.

In her loss against Carla "Cookie Monster" Esparza (11-3), her coaches decided to scrap everything she knew and start from the basics. I knew that was the case because when she came and fought Angela "Overkill" Hill last year in October and ooooh girl let me tell you something.. that was the "Thug" we all wanted to see.

Can we just take a second and talk about that standing read-naked choke she did against Hill during the first round?!?

M I N D B L O W N.

That was EPIC and it was all through the first round. That is when I knew Rose was a different fighter because all before that she would come across that cage to you so fast and give you the greatest beatdown.

Even her fight against Paige "12 Gadge" VanZant, I mean that was a brawl. More on Namajunas' side of course but WOW did she show some skill and talent in that fight...

What we know about Karolina Kowalkiewicz

When she was about six years old she started training Krav Maga, which is one of my favorite parts because it can train you to take on like six people at one time. Before she moved over into the UFC, her professional fight career started, and became the KSW women's flyweight Champion.

Alongside making her debut with Invicta FC back in 2014. She decided to move from 125 to 115 and train as a strawweight while coming over to the UFC. She currently trains a lot in Muay Thai, which is her dominant fight style right now.

After her brawl against Randa "Quiet Storm" Markos (6-3) during UFC On Fox 17, we were looking at her in a new light because Markos is a very tough opponent. Even when she fought Heather "Hurricane" Clark at UFC Fight Night 87 she tore her apart.

Although it came to a decision she fought a VERY good fight. It showed that this fighter basically has skills in every area.

She comes from Poland and has a goal to fight the current women's strawweight champion, Joanna Jedrzejczyk (12-0) sometime in the future. POLAND vs POLAND. The majority of her wings happen to come from submission, but she is a standup kind of fighter.


Kowalkiewicz is easily considered contender material for the belt, however, she is going to have to get through "Thug" Rose first.

These two ladies have a VERY similar fighting style. They are both very aggressive and strong, but Namajunas right now is U N S T O P P A B L E in every definition of the word. Her angles, speed, footwork...

Karolina is going to have to grind into some real techniques if she is planning on even getting close to submitting Rose. Even though Karolina is great in every area (as she is undefeated for a reason) so is Namajunas.

She just uses her range of MMA in such a mix you really don't know what she is going to serve up to her opponent next.

I can see them both feeling each other out in the first round and by the second I can see "Thug" Rose getting her hand raised due to submission. What is unique about this fight is that Karolina's defensive skills on the ground are really good and she is known to take her opponent down in the fight, stay on top of them, and finish them off.

Even if that is the case maybe it is not going to be a walk in the park. Kowalkiewicz will try and do everything to hurt Namajunas in that cage, but that just fuels Rose in the end.

She will indeed crack that undefeated win streak and will 100% get her hand raised at the end of the night.

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