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#4 ranked lightweight Nate Diaz (21-10) will face featherweight "Notorious" Conor McGregor (19-3) on August 20th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada in a welterweight bout as the MAIN event of the evening.


First things first...

I've noticed that on the UFC website it has Nate Diaz categorized as a welterweight when the true Diaz fans know he really fights as a lightweight. Don't get it twisted into thinking Conor McGregor was the only one that had to put a few pounds on for that fight (and that is the reason McGregor lost) no-no-no. Nate Diaz usually fights at 155lbs in the lightweight division.

In their first fight, they fought at 170lbs, which is what they will fight during the rematch as well.

Nate Diaz ended up catching onto that and what the UFC did as well on his Instagram...

Meanwhile, Diaz being the winner of TUF Season 5, earned his way into getting a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu so we know his ground game is on point. He has been training under Richard Perez ever since Diaz got into Martial Arts.

He is indeed one of the best strikers inside the division. It seemed like the UFC wasn't giving him the best fighters where he can really showcase his skills. However, he ended up coming out of hiding after he caught Conor McGregor and ended up winning that fight.

EVERYONE knows who Nate Diaz is now.


It's funny knowing since McGregor has become featherweight Champion, he has yet to defend the belt in that division. Now that Jose Aldo (26-2) defeated Frankie Edgar at UFC 200, Aldo currently holds the Interim Featherweight Championship belt.

He will officially get his rematch against McGregor at some point in the future for the title. If that fight doesn't happen for some reason and Conor can't do it, Aldo automatically becomes the featherweight Champion. I'm sure we all would much rather see a fight.

So why isn't McGregor defending his belt? It is hard to say whether this is an obsessive plea to "really be the best in the world at everything" to why this rematch is even happening in the first place before he defends that belt.

Either way, this fight is happening and now that McGregor will have a full training camp, I'm sure anything can happen.

McGregor is known to have crazy TKO power, which is how he has defeated most of his opponents already. Kicks, punches, you name it, he has it. With his movement I mean "touch butt" training, McGregor is known to move very snake-like on his feet and that can work in his favor because his opponent might not know what move he is going to make next.

He is almost perfect at timing his attacks and given that, I mean just look at Jose Aldo and that TKO.

In this rematch, McGregor is going to need a lot more of that if he is looking to take out this Diaz because it is not going to be easy.

Especially this time around.


Rewinding back to the first time they fought, the history these two had going back and forth with words was over when Diaz got ahold of Mcgregor. During that second round inside the octagon, they indeed met face to face.

During the first round, it seemed that McGregor was playing around with the man from Stockton, hitting Diaz here and there in the face while making him bleed. By the second round, it was clear that McGregor was getting tired even as you were watching it you couldn't help but think he was completely gassed out.

Even though for the fight Conor had to had about 25lbs towards his weight gain just to fight at 170lbs from featherweight. Not getting a full training camp, neither did Nate Diaz. Either way that didn't matter because Diaz came in with a submission over Conor during the 2nd round. It was rather impressive. Especially since Diaz was seen as the underdog during that fight.

Sometimes McGregor's predictions aren't always right. I don't think they will be for this fight either. Both fighters will indeed be getting a training camp and if Nate Diaz can do things like that without a full training camp just imagine the things he can showcase when he does.

Clearly, Diaz is built for a 5 round fight.

McGregor at 170lbs? Maaaaybe...

let's hope anyway. My prediction for this rematch is that this second time around Diaz is going to haunt McGregor because I can see name taking him about with another submission before the rounds even get to 5.

Diaz has some mighty talent for his ground game and I don't think McGregor will be able to outshine him in that.

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