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After her epic defeat against "Alpha" Zingano (9-2) at UFC 200 last weekend on July 9th in Las Vegas, everyone is looking at her as a potential contender to defeat the Champ in the women's bantamweight division.

Are they right? I believe so. Knowing Peña's history and how she won The Ultimate Fighter Season 18, which was a big deal, it was clear what kind of fighter she was.

Aggressive, strong, and rather assertive.

It has made a lot of sense for a while that she always deserved a shot at the title. Given her very intense injury in the gym that kept her outside of the octagon for a good amount of time, her skills have always been there. Every time she gets inside the cage it seems like she gets better and better every single time.

There is this passion there that is kind of rare to see in other fighters besides her. It was just a matter of time that everyone else started to see it too.

Defeating an appointment like Cat Zingano is E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

Moreso for the reason that Zingano beat amazing fighters like now-former Champ, Miesha Tate, and currently our new Champ, Amanda Nuñes (which if you look through the rankings in quite the resume). But to Peña it is just another step to the goal she has seen for herself all along.

Going against someone like Amanda "The Lioness" Nuñes is interesting because they are both really fast-paced fighters and self-starters. They go after what they want and they know how to defend what they don't. It has been a long time for Nuñes to get her title shot and she ended up becoming Champion.

However, Peña's journey has been very long as well. She deserves the shot at the title 100%. EVEN before Ronda Rousey (just going to through it out there).

When that would be who knows, but possible something on the New York card in November could be in order?

Only time will tell...

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