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DID YOU KNOW, Fredrick Douglass was born into slavery, fled to freedom, & led a revolution?

In other words, Frederick Douglass, the Abolitionist, should be praised nonstop as he was the driving force of birthing the 14th Amendment into our constitution.

Fredrick Douglass broke the law by teaching himself to read. he ran away from slavery at the age of 20 & became a fugitive. being surrounded by constant slave catchers, the idea that someone could snag & sell you because you're worth a lot of money is pretty frightening.

Well, not for Fredrick Douglass. eved was that he was a citizen of the United States. Even though citizenship was only allowed for white people in 1838 and black people weren't even meant to be in the picture.

This allowed racism to flourish without any rights or protection.

I mean... up until the 16th President of the United States were slave owners. Just let that sink in. this was NORMAL behavior and if it came from the government, I suppose it's "Ok."

Well, not for Fredrick Douglas.

This is just the first 12...

By 1848, Fredrick Douglass became the most famous black man of the 19th Century.ote for The North Star about anti-slavery which was read by a lot of white abolitionists at that time. Douglass held a conference of 600 for the town to spread his experiences of slavery.

"Why am I a slave?"

From there he started traveling around the world spreading his message, instilling in people's minds, the horrors of what he and the rest of the enslaved were going through.

By 1848, Fredrick Douglas became the most famous black man of the 19th Century.

When Abraham Lincoln was elected as the 16th President of the United States, he never owned slaves regardless of how common it was. At the brink of the Civil War in 1861, Lincoln wanted to do everything to win.

However, he blamed black people for the Civil War even happening.

Lincoln also believed that ya, slave trading is bad, BUT freeing them? that's a different story. He passed the narrative that since racial equality isn't at the top of his list, why even complain? just get with the program.

That only went so far with Fredrick Douglass.

Douglass believed if he could convince Lincoln to let black men fight in the Civil War by abolishing slavery, this could be their fight for freedom.

They could help the country win and there should be no question of being allowed to become a citizen.

Desperate for Soldiers, Lincoln agrees. Alas, the Emancipation Declaration was signed freeing 200,000 slaves to fight in the Civil War. They succeeded in winning earning their marks on the field.

This would bring a National Reginoration of the unity of a New Nation in 1863.

With a changed mind again slaves, Abraham Lincoln quotes "New Birth of Freedom." It's cute and powerful, but let's not forget this was Fredrick Douglass' rhetoric all along.

Fredrick Douglass continued to work with Abraham Lincoln, working on the Blacks of American future. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on April 15, 1865. Fredrick Douglass continued to travel and spread his word until he suffered a heart attack and passed in 1895.

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