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Everyone is talking about the possible debut of Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos (15-1) at UFC 198.

She is one of the few fighters that has a co-promotion contract since she fights for Invicta FC and is currently the featherweight Champion.

What a lot of people don’t know is that she has been signed on with the UFC parent company, Zuffa, because they know they don’t want her going anywhere without hopefully fighting with the UFC. The only reason she hasn’t fought yet inside that Octagon is that her current weight class is 145 lbs, however, the UFC doesn’t have a 145 weight class to fight in.

This means she can either go down to 135 lbs and fight in the bantamweight division or do a super fight being either lighter or heavier than her opponent. Either way “Cyborg” lives up to her name and becomes a machine inside that cage. There has not been a time where she is not throwing kicks or pounding you down with her fists.

There have been a few fighters in the UFC right now that has shed interest in fighting the Brazilian native. When Ronda Rousey was on the top of the world before getting knocked out to Holly Holm at UFC 193 there was talk that she and “Cyborg” should fight if one of them can move up or down in weight to match each other.

That never ended up happening then, but “Rowdy” has to come back inside the cage sometime right? Now that there is a new bantamweight Champion on the line, Miesha Tate has expressed extreme interest in fighting the great “Cyborg” Justino at 140 lbs even.

Holly Holm also said she would fight “Cyborg” even before the fight with Tate came about. Even Cat “Alpha” Zingano would be a great matchup! And it can happen.

Who knows.

She has already told the world she got the magic call from UFC, but no one knows who she is fighting yet.

Whoever “Cyborg” ends up fighting that is going to be a fight that EVERYONE wants to see. Not only would she make history, but she can really turn the 135 lb division upside down just like she has been doing in her division with Invicta FC for so many years after wrapping that Championship belt around her waist.

No one has come close to taking it yet, especially judging from her last fight at Invicta FC 15 back in January against Daria Ibragimova where she got TKO’d during the second round. After that, it would be kind of hard finding opponents for “Cyborg” in Invicta FC because she beat almost everyone already. What better time than now is it for Cris “Cyborg” Santos to come on over to the UFC?

Especially since she is currently training with boxing legend, Manny Pacquiao. Given that hopefully, this will be her year.

Who would you like to see “Cyborg” fight?

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