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Being the only person in history to become a 2-time Olympic Gold Medalist in boxing the legacy is only beginning.

Starting on March 10th, Shields will become the first female to headline a boxing card on premium television.

No one can deny her impressive amateur record of (77-1) to then make her debut last year November 19th on the Andre vs Sergey undercard in Las Vegas. Shields went up against Franchen Crews and came out with a victorious win during a 4 round decision.

With a new fight in store next month against a former title challenger, Szilvia "Sunset" Szabados (15-8 6-KOs), this will be Shields' most decorated opponent.


Nowadays, some may argue that boxing is dead. When I think about that statement from how boxing was in the past to what it is now, I don't think it is dead at all.

Sometimes with this new generation, casual fans need someone and/or something to latch on to.

Men have been boxing since the beginning of time, but it has been a LONG time coming for a fighter like Claressa "T-Rex" Shields to step foot in the ring and do what she does. She is a 21-year-old inspiration to a handful of females, future boxers, and myself.

Shields has been nothing but herself from the beginning and doesn't have to follow the norms to stand out.

Coming out of Flint, Michigan and the issues going on there by them STILL not having clean drinking water, she doesn't forget her roots.

In giving back to the people that inspired her to continue with her goals, her back is never turned.

We need a spark like Claressa Shields right now and it is beautiful that her skills have spoken. They're beginning to engrave a name inside everyone's minds to keep watching, to keep reading, and to keep listening.

She is a breath of fresh air when someone with true struggles fights their way through, but encourages the one's looking in from a birds-eye view to join along.

Claressa "T-Rex" Shields will be facing Szilvia "Sunset" Szabados in Showtime's "ShoBox The New Generation" on March 10th at the MGM Grand Detroit in Detroit, Michigan.

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