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As the welterweight division has been doing its thing, has anyone thought and wondered where Carlos "The Natural Born Killer" Condit (30-10) has been?



It's hard not to think about it when you are an avid fan that sticks to rankings and thinking about the top 10 fighters of the UFC welterweight division all the time. Condit is still #6 on the list and we haven't seen him fight since 2016, where Demain Maia (25-6) added a loss onto Condit's record during UFC on Fox 21 by submitting him in the 1st round.

The one fight I remember the most would be that incredible 5 round performance he put on against Robbie "Ruthless" Lawler (27-11) at UFC 195 before that.

Speaking of Lawler, he will be taking on my Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone (32-8) FIIIIINALLY at UFC 213 on July 7th during International Fight Week. their first bout was supposed to happen at UFC 200 however, Lawler ended up pulling out of the match and called Cerrone to personally apologize and gave his reasons as they were rather personal.

Respect was spread and now it's 2017 where the fight is a reality again.

NOW back to Condit.

Like really tho...

When I think about Condit I can't help but think about how dope a match-up between him and Jorge "Gamebred" Masvidal (32-12). In a recent interview with Robin Black, Mastival told him that he would even be interested in that fight! the rankings make sense (if the UFC even follows it anymore) and Mastival basically came out unscratched during that super close match with Demain Maia.

LET ME JUST JUMP IN REAL QUICK because I am not taking anything away from Maia's win at UFC 211, but like... I really thought Masvidal was coming through during that fight.

Maia hung on to his opponent like a spider monkey for quite some time when Masvidal was getting caught here and there.

It was clear that more damage was done to Maia, BUT HEY.. who am I to bring back the whole GSP-vs-Hendricks-fight-with-the-results-of-that.

BUT ANYWAYS THO lol, moving on...

There haven't been any interviews or talk of Condit in the UFC since last year.

But on the real, what is really going on? Because I want to know and not trying to be the last one to get picked on the team if you catch my drift?

As he's out of the picture (which kind of pains me as a fan) it would be nice to see Mastival vs Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson (13-1-1), where his only loss and no contest came from current Champion, Tyron "The Chosen One" Woodley (16-3-1).

When I think of the difference in style Thompson has over Mastival it gets me giddy because I would love to see how Masvidal would handle that. kind of what I thought about when Thompson fought Woodley. did a rematch really need to happen?

Nahhhh, but the first fight was rather legit as it goes all five rounds like a bloody firefight.

During UFC Singapore last weekend Thompson and Masvidal agreed to fight each other during a side-by-side Q&A. They seemed into it and it made sense.

Both seemed ready to rumbleeeeee.

The reason why Condit is needed when thinking about Mastival's next opponent is that when you think of the top 10 there aren't that many open options as far as matches that make sense. Woodley offered Maia to fight for the belt at UFC 214.

Maia hasn't responded yet sooooooo now we have to sit and wait. if he doesn't take it could I see Masvidal fighting for the belt even though he is coming off of a loss?

The answer is:

YAAAAAS BETCH I fucking can.


And also, because he's in good shape and barely got damaged after the fight. he was already calling out other fighters literally the day after like a G.

In my world, I am super down.

Cerrone and Lawler are all tied up even though Mastival demolished Cerrone in Denver. Rafael Dos Anjos (26-9) just won during UFC Singapore and Gunner Nelson (16-2) won his last two fights as well. It makes more sense for them to fight each other since for one Dos Anjos JUST moved to this weight class and Nelson is ranked #10 so in a way, it would be good for both of them IMO.


It would kiiiiiiiiiinda make more sense for Masvidal to fight Neil Magny (19-6), correct? Cause his last fight against Johny Hendricks (18-6).

IDK. He was barely getting through. I mean Mastival was calling out Magny BEFORE the fight with Maia even came to play and he was nowhere to be found during any of that. I personally think Magny just isn't about that Gamebred like right now so since Masvidal had that super close fight, I don't think that fight makes sense at all.

So that leaves Thompson and Condit AAAAAND with no Condit.. well, I'm sure you can figure that out.

It's just simple math...


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