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It is without question that the UFC needed new weight divisions for women to fight in.

Currently, strawweight (115 lb) and bantamweight (135 lb) simply aren't enough. The stories of them going through extreme weigh-cuts are not only bad for the body but a mental struggle as well.

No doubt things had to change and I'm glad the UFC finally has been listening because a featherweight (145 lb) women's division has opened up.

In the future, I am going to do everything in my power to shout into the world how an atomweight (105 lb) and a flyweight (125 lb) need to be created too.

There are so many branches that grow from that statement which are positive ones. However, for me, I don't agree with who is fighting for that Championship belt tomorrow between Holly "The Preachers Daughter" Holm (10-2) vs Germaine "The Iron Lady" De Randamie (6-3).

But without getting into all that right now, what really needs to be focused on is once that belt has been claimed.. whats next?

Does the Champion wait to defend the belt because we are all waiting for Cris Cyborg (17-1) to get through her USADA ban to fight for it?

Given her case, unless an exception is made (which there are current talks about one) it might not even be that much longer until a title defense can actually happen and Cyborg will have the chance to fight for the belt.


Should the UFC already have started to recruit potential female fighters from other federations into the division? Because with this huge bout happening tomorrow we need to start thinking about the future and the days leading out of this.

In my opinion, I don't believe how many female fighters in the UFC right now will happily leave their weight to go fight in the 145 lb division. Are there enough fighters to cover a whole roster?

It is a new division yet I am not hearing anyone ask these questions which are rather important.

I could even see the UFC holding an Ultimate Fighter for the 145 lb division to find new talent just like they did for the strawweight division years before.

That would be the perfect scenario because this new division is so important that it will be a loss for the attention to not be on that or even more for 2017.

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