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Angela “Overkill” Hill (4-2) has been making herself a household name inside the Invicta FC Octagon recently since her debut back in January.

Sometimes we forget that she has been dropped from the UFC because what she has been showcasing in her fights lately has been nothing but the power behind all her strikes and everything else.

The only losses on her record have come from Rose “Thug” Namajunes (4-2) and Tecia “The Tiny Tornado” Torres (7-0), who is actually going to be battling it out inside the cage on April 16th UFC on FOX 19. Hill coming off of a 2 win streak with her latest brawl being against Stephanie Eggink (4-3) and knocked her out cold during the second round.

The impressive footwork skills, head movements, and pace have been very put together. “Overkill” is nothing but cool calm and collective until you feel her strength then she turns into a beast with a lot of patience. That sounds like a pretty dangerous fighter to me. It is clear that her shot for the strawweight title couldn’t come at a better time for her against the Champion Livia Renata Souza as the co-main event of the night.

Her match with DeAnna “The Argentine Assassin” Bennett at Invicta FC 15 was rather impressive since Souza’s kicks to the body and punches she won with a TK at 1:30 in the very first round.

The Brazilian native is very fast and very focused. Souza mostly has a Brazilian jiu-jitsu background where most of her wins have come from submissions, however can also stand her ground on the feet too as she still remains undefeated.

This isn’t going to be an easy fight for Hill, however from the looks of her performances lately she is more than ready.

Invicta FC 17 will be held at The Hangar in Costa Mesa where it will be headlined with Tonya “Triple Threat” Evinger (17-5) vs. Colleen “The Thoroughbred” Scheider (10-6) for the bantamweight title belt.

So 2 titles will be on the line on May 7th and we can’t wait to catch all the action. If you aren’t able to check out the fights live at The Hanger, make sure to stream it with your paid subscription from UFC Fight Pass.

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