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ANALYSIS: Basic Storytelling


Task 1: Basic Storytelling Elements Review

What are the basic elements of a story, and how does emotion play a part in storytelling? (150-200 words)

  • What are the basic elements of a story, and how does emotion play a part in storytelling? (150-200 words)

  • Why is writing humor difficult? What steps can writers take to incorporate humor into their writing? (150-200 words)

Analysis of Storytelling

By Esha Horton

When it comes to writing a story, there is a basic structure to uphold. It begins with creating your character and figuring out what perspective you want the readers to view. Asserting growth throughout the story is vital, so your character doesn't appear to be flat. Creating a plot from an outward angle establishes your character setting by adding conflict, a turning point into a resolution. You need a location for your characters that is either real or imaginary.

By creating a set, it will leave room to determine social environments and culture. It allows the characters to develop into themselves and who they are.

Explaining what the story is about by having a theme is essential. The readers shouldn't feel scolded. Include a writing style that will relate to them by using thoughtful word choices. Plotting seeds in dialogue for the readers to think about, foreshadowing with symbols and scenery helps too. A transition of emotional values on a positive and negative scale can get readers to extract emotion. Because then it becomes relatable.

The same applies when addressing humor. Everyone can write comedy, even if you think you aren't funny. Writing humor is a skill that takes a lot of development, but it's a skill that can you can learn and perfect. To make someone laugh, being able to state the obvious is superior. Yet, be subtle because you don't want to over-explain the punchline to someone. You want to put trust in your readers that they can figure things out on their own. You can set a scene for your readers, pushing a motive 90% one way and turning around into another direction of the story with the last 10%. Humor breaks a lot of barriers. Taking your readers on a comical journey is refreshing because it steers away from writing dull and monotone; it allows fun and compelling communications instead. __________________________________________________

Task #2

Write a true and funny rough draft story about yourself

Word count - (300 words) make sure the story has characters (including you), a setting you describe, and a problem of some sort which you succeeded or failed to solve.

The Day I Fell Into The Colorado River (Rough Draft)

By Esha Horton

Many years ago, I was living with an ex-boyfriend in a small studio in Berkeley, CA. If you are from the Bay Area, you'll understand the financial sacrifice of "keeping" roommates around. One day we were outside on the balcony, and he asked if I would go to Boulder, Colorado, to meet his birth mother for the first time. Knowing we weren't together at this time, the conversation seemed to take an odd turn. Then he mentioned all expenses paid, so I listened. There was only one stipulation; we had to pretend we are in a relationship.

After saying yes and sleeping through a 2 1/2 flight, we were in Colorado. The drive from the airport to the house was long, but hey, I'm not complaining yet. I introduced myself to his family and went to sleep on an extra twin bed in the same room with my ex.

After waking up and realizing I'm still kind of in this nightmare, we were headed to the Colorado River to go white water rafting. I've never done it before, so what could go wrong? My group made it onto the raft, and we sailed into the abyss. For no reason, our lead Captain told us the route is suddenly changing from basic/intermediate to intermediate/advanced because WHY NOT. Within 5 minutes of almost reaching death, we hit a significant current, and I FLEW straight into the water. Realizing I'm going down this current without a T-shaped body, I slightly giggled because I dragged my ex in the water too. Suddenly, NINJAS swung from the trees into the water to safely lift us back into the raft.

At that moment, I manifested and realized to myself, never listen or agree to anything your ex is asking you.

Just walk away.

It's a trap.

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